Monday, June 10, 2013


I was having much trouble with JTable. Now, I still have it. How many parameters we need to change, when we change some columns. Because of its complicated, I try to build a simple library to decrease that trouble. And perhaps, we can use it...

- we have read 007. Register library, and download daniani.jar
- download derby.jar (database library), and register it to the project.
- download sample database (Java DB - Apache Derby On GoogleDrive page, choose menu: File -> Download. This file contain database=DANIANI_DB; user=daniani_user; password=daniani_pwd; schema=SCH. Then extract it in a certain location.

Let's do it...
  • Create a new JFrame (001. THE BEGINNING)
  • Choose JTable component from Pallete, then drop it on our new frame.

  • Design it

  • Click jTable1 in Inspector tab then right click to rename = dtble

  • Set property autoResizeMode = OFF, and rowHeight=25

  • Switch to view Source code, then insert this script below initComponents():

            Connection dCon=null;
            dCon = DriverManager.getConnection("jdbc:derby:"
                    + "yourDBfolderLocation/DANIANI_DB"
                    + ";user=daniani_user;password=daniani_pwd");

            Table dtble = new Table();

            dtble.addColumn("PRT.IDPARENT","idparent", false, "text", 70, "");
            dtble.addColumn("PRT.DINT","dint", false, "number", 50, "");
            dtble.addColumn("PRT.DVARCHAR","dvarchar", false, "text", 120, "");
            dtble.addColumn("PRT.DBOOLEAN","dboolean", true, "yesno", 90, false);
            dtble.addColumn("PRT.DDECIMAL","decimal", true, "numberBD2", 50, "");
            dtble.addColumn("PRT.DDATE","date", false, "date", 100, "");
            dtble.addColumn("PRT.DTIMESTAMP","timestamp", false, "timestamp", 150, "");
            dtble.addColumn("PRT.DCOLOR","color", false, "color", 80, "");

            String sqlFrom="FROM SCH.PARENT PRT";

            dtble.buildTable(tbl, false, sqlFrom, dCon, false);

            //- render
            tbl.setDefaultRenderer(Color.class, new daniani.ColorRenderer(true)); //to view color
            dtble.cellFormatNumber(2, new String[]{"decimal"}); // to view fraction by 2 scale
                    new String[]{"idparent", "date", "timestamp"}); // center alignment

        } catch(Exception cnfe){

This should be work.

If the database connection is failure, try to delete file db.lck in .../DANIANI_DB folder.

REFFERENCE (case-sensitive)

daniani.Table.addColumn(String FieldName, String ColumnName, boolean isEditableCell, String ColumnClass, String ColumnFormat, int ColumnWidth, Object DefaultValue);

Column Format

text store String datatype

date view Date datatype in dd-MM-yyyy

dateYMD view Date datatype in yyyy-MM-dd

dateMDY view Date datatype in MM-dd-yyyy

date;ff view Date datatype in custom date-formatted,
ex.: date;dd-yyyy-MM

time view Time datatype in HH:mm:ss

timestamp view Timestamp datatype in dd-MM-yyyy HH:mm:ss

timestampYMD view Timestamp datatype in yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss

timestampMDY view Timestamp datatype in MM-dd-yyyy HH:mm:ss

timestamp;ff view Timestamp datatype in custom timestamp-formatted,
ex.: timestamp;dd-yyyy-MM HH:mm:ss

yesno cell with checklist view

number store Integer datatype

numberF store Float datatype

numberD store Double datatype

numberBD store BigDecimal datatype

numberBD0 store BigDecimal datatype with 0 scale when edited.

numberBD2 store BigDecimal datatype with 2 scale when edited.

numberBD;n store BigDecimal datatype with n scale when edited,
ex.: numberBD;4   -> store BigDecimal datatype with 4 scale when edited.

color view cell in a certain color

daniani.Table.buildTable(JTable jtableComponent, boolean isAllowAddNewRow, String FromSQLClause, java.sql.Connection ConnectionName, boolean isHitEnterKeyToRightDirection);