Saturday, October 12, 2013


These are the reasons why I am choosing JavaDB-Derby database:
  1. Multiplatform and free.
  2. Without database installation.
  3. It can be an embedded database, like as Ms. Access. Just copy-paste a database folder for backup.
  4. Support relationship.
  5. It has view and sequence.
  6. It has function, procedure, and trigger. Trust me, they 're hard.
  7. It can be attached a custom function from .jar. So, it can show a form/frame from .jar with SQL sintax.
  8. Autonumber datatype can be restart to number 1.
  9. It has BOOLEAN datatype.
  10. It has database security.
  11. Easily upsize to be a server database. Just moving that database folder to derbyhome/bin folder. Then run StartNetworkServer.bat or And easily downsize to be an embedded database.
  12. It can be stored in .jar file. Though there are a few limitation, like as: data can't be added, editted, or deleted; No database security; Using APP schema only.

This GUI using derby.jar version If it is different from your version, replace it with your derby.jar and your derbyclient.jar.

We can download a simple "JAVADB-DERBY GUI" from this link, or from top-right corner of this page. On GoogleDrive page, choose menu: File -> Download.

We can read Derby reference from
For example we can read 008. ADD DATABASE TO JTABLE (PART 1).

Thanks a lot, to Apache Derby (Apache Software Foundation), and to all.